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I recently met a chap

who was a little nervous about coming to my medical centre based practice to discuss a problem which was bothering him.. This was because he confused the hypnotherapy work I do with stage hypnosis, the barking dogs, headless chicken type shows where people are encouraged to act as stupid as their moral and ethical code will allow them.  He was relieved when he learned the differences - and there are many!

The work I do, and what is put into my audio programs on this site is to help people achieve their goals, evento help them find their goals. Goal finding and setting can be very empowering in itself, working through issues and developing solutions and applying them is even more empowering and enjoyable.

hypnosis audio hypnotherapy by michael mahoney

We do not have to be stuck

in negative thoughts, routines or beliefs. If we can learn one thing we can learn something else, that’s one of the many wonderful things about being human. 

Make no mistake; nothing has to remain the way it is if you don’t want it to. Whether you live with anxiety, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, stress or insomnia to name a few.

We can choose to make a difference to our lives or we can choose not to, either way it is our decision.

We can decide to say yes to ourselves or no. Some people may think that sounds selfish, but sometimes it’s about self-preservation.

Often the negative thoughts feelings, routines and beliefs can simply drain us, and keep us captive for the rest of our days. That might be the brave, selfless stiff upper lip approach encouraged by some, but then I have to ask, whose life are you living?  

You don’t get a second chance at life, this is it.

It’s our responsibility to live our life to the full, helping and sharing and encouraging where we can. Making the best of our skills and talents and gifts to ensure we can look back and say “I made a difference”.

Some would say, it is better to have tried and failed than not to try to have tried at all. So we owe it to ourselves and those we care for and care about, to do our best, to make the most of what we have, to learn to develop and achieve what we want to achieve, and that includes living the life we want to live.

Sometimes it is scary to make changes, sometimes something as trivial as “what will other people think” stops people from making positive changes to their lives. The simple answer to that is “It’s what people know about you, not what they think which matters”.

When I first started doing hypnotherapy in the mid 1980, it was new, people were unsure; some thought I had gone ‘loopy’.  The simple matter was, they did not understand the power of the mind which really is the authority in our life.  Know and understand the potential you have within you, and you change your life for the better beyond recognition.

Thankfully nowadays 

people are more understanding, more willing to learn, more willing to investigate the possibilities hypnotherapy can bring to making positive changes to their lives, and the chap I mentioned earlier, was one of many, and I am pleased to say he now understands the benefits of hypnotherapy which is so much different to stage hypnosis.  

Hypnotherapy is safe and gentle, it’s relaxing and it brings results. Over the years my recordings have helped people in over 45 countries.  Are you prepared to join them? 

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