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Many years ago in strange and unfamiliar territory...

I took a chance and mentioned my IBS Audio Program 100 on the ibsgroup.org bulletin board.

It was strange because up to that time (way back in 1998) I had never spoken about my work, preferring to just get on with the task of helping people to get better from the rooms of my medical centre based practice.  

When I was brave enough I ventured out of my rooms having spent 8 years researching and developing my IBS Audio Program 100 for adults. Eight years of smirks and putdowns from peers and rejection from other individuals and organisations I would not have expected if from.

Many seemed to simply try to talk me out of my set aim of producing a self-help home use program for irritable bowel syndrome sufferers, an aim they said was not possible, or worthwhile! 

The unfamiliar bit...

came when I joined the IBS Group.org the President, Jeff was very forward thinking and saw the value of my work to the group membership.  Thank you Jeff!

I met people who understood what I had done, and why. People who applauded the journey I embarked upon.  Some came along with me for the ride, as I developed other programs for insomnia, anxiety, stress and others too. 

So, as I periodically do, I am offering a special 15% discount to IBSgroup.org members off any of my self-help audio programs, including of course the IBS Audio Program 100 for adults and the IBS Audio Program 60 for Children.

To claim the group discount (which is over and above existing discounts) simply enter

Code:  Ibsgroup-15% at the checkout.

To all ibsgroup.org members I wish you well on your journey.