What makes the IBS Audio Program 100 so special? Posted on 30 Nov 16:45 , 0 comments

The IBS Audio Program 100...

for those who are not familiar with it, is a home use self-help audio program for the common gastrointestinal condition Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS for short.

So what makes it so special? 

It’s down to a combination of factors.  It was developed independently, taking eight years of painstaking research and development before it was brought to market.  The program addresses both physical and emotional aspects of IBS, and is now the leading one of its kind.

The man behind the IBS Audio Program 100 is Michael Mahoney, who began developing the idea in 1991.  “I saw three women in the same week needing help with their IBS symptoms,” says Michael, “and, although I only knew a little about the condition at that time, it was clear that I needed to do something to help”.

His decision was wide reaching.  He re-mortgaged his family home to find the research, only to encounter opposition from drug companies and over-the counter drug manufacturers who turned down his requests for additional funding.

“I went through some really tough times,” recalls Michael.  “Many of my peers scoffed at the idea, as did some in the medical profession, but I kept going.” 

As the R&D phase ended, Michael approached a leading UK PR company, who rejected the program as ‘unmarketable’, returning the package unopened.  

Yet, now, the IBS program is now used in 48 countries.

So what kept Michael going? “It was a combination of  things,” he says.  “There was the look of despair and hope on the faces of my IBS patients, who desperately needed something that would help them.  Then there was the great feedback I got from my patients as I piloted the program. And then of course…”  He pauses and starts to laugh, “…there was the fact that so many people were telling me to give it up, which had exactly the opposite effect!”

During his research, Michael contacted hundreds of IBS sufferers and began to develop specific hypnotherapy processes, along with the listening structure OPSIM or Ongoing progressive session induction method, which proved so effective that he developed it further for his other programs treating anxiety, stress, confidence and insomnia, among others.

“IBS patients don’t have the option of giving up,” says Michael. “They have to carry on, so I knew I had to also. Once I started there was no option to stop”.

The long and winding journey, encompassing three years of patient piloting, finally led to its successful launch in 1998.  The program was eagerly embraced by IBS sufferers not only in the UK but in other countries.

“We had such a positive reaction from people”, says Michael.  “The president of the IBSgroup.org had the foresight to support the program from the start and still does to this day.”

Now the program is accepted as a proven treatment option by many in the medical profession, both in the UK and worldwide, Mahoney is seen as a leading light in the field of IBS / hypnosis and the most important thing is program users are feeling the benefits.   Over the years, thousands of unsolicited testimonials have been received from grateful users.  The program has been used in support groups, a university and for patients in a leading digestive hospital.

So that’s a very quick overview of how the  came into being.  So how does Michael feel about it all now?

“I’m pleased I took the risk,” he smiles, “pleased I ignored the doubters,and pleased that my work has helped so many around the world.”