How we store our inner emotional energy - Simplified! Posted on 14 Dec 11:27 , 0 comments

Last time, we looked at the 3 stages of recovery. 

But before the process of recovery is undertaken it is important to realise why we feel the way we do, to understand the feelings we are experiencing, and once understood we can do something about them. It is important for our recovery that we understand why we feel as we do, to understand simplistically what has happened to us and our energy, and once understood we can feel empowered by knowing what contributed to the problem, and by understanding it, we can then not only learn to a find new way and better way, but also to understand enough to help prevent it from happening again.

This is a simplified explanation of how I believe we store and expend energy internally and the effects of expending more energy than we can afford too and when this happens it is then we can feel stressed and anxious.

I believe as individuals we have an amount of emotional energy which we have to work with.

I believe we have been given three levels of energy.

1) The core energy - that part that allows us to function on a conscious and subconscious level. This allows our hearts to beat and allows us to breathe and perspire and to blink and to help our reproductive and digestive systems and all our organs to function, our mind to think clearly, our confidence and self-esteem levels to be at their optimum. This core energy also allows our moods to develop producing appropriate and at times inappropriate feelings and sensations. This core energy is to help us live the lives we want to live and to feel good about ourselves and confident in our own being, and in our skills and attitudes in life.

2) The next is an emotional battery pack, a reserve of energy. Used only when our core energy is being depleted.

3) The rest of our energy is kept in reserve for ourselves, just in case we need it. We use it to function during the day, to laugh to interact with others, to work and to play and all the other things we do in life.

So what happens when our energies become low or depleted?  In my next blog, I will be talking through how those daily pressures and worries can get on top of us - and how we can deal with them more effectively. 

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