Inner Energy Posted on 14 Dec 11:28 , 0 comments

Last time we looked at how life and circumstances can drain us of our precious energies. 

However it is important to understand that you can change this, you can change the way you think and feel, and the way you behave, once you know how too. All that matters is the present, the moment in which we are living, right now, not the past or the future, just this moment.

And as we get stronger and find new ways of thinking we can then use some of our growing inner energy to make positive changes to the way we think and feel. And seeing things in a new way, even if the picture has not changed, we can learn to see it through different eyes. 

The first step is to put a plug in that core pot of energy, to find a way to stop the energy levels dripping away, and by so doing you begin to store the energy once again and that in time flows back into the emotional reserve. It also gives you energy to use, in learning new ways to think and feel and to see things in perspective.

I find one of the best ways of restoring your energy levels is to use hypnotherapy, a safe, gentle natural process which has been used for millennia to help heal conditions of mind, body and emotion.  Take a look at my self-help audio programs for example the confidence & Self Esteem program, Anxiety program, IBS Audio Program 100 or Stress Program