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What price good health? 

Few things are more rewarding and precious than good health and yet we punish our mind, body and emotions daily, for some it is like clockwork, dashing to meet deadlines, stressing about money, work, and the children. Using poor coping strategies such as excessive smoking, drinking or taking illegal substances.

We take on board other people’s emotional baggage without sense or reason. Many people have ruined their own health supporting others, only to be left behind once the previously ill person recovers.

Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia all cause ill health, all reduce our immune system, leading to potentially more serious conditions in the future.    IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is a common gastroenterological condition can be a barometer of an individual’s stress or anxiety, and yet this barometer of mind body health is largely ignored. And it is ignored at the individual’s peril.

What price good health? 

There is no price for good health.   If you have it, keep it safe and secure, respect it, and look after your own needs.   If you have lost your good health, work to get it back, change your thinking, and learn how to be different.  Change poor thinking, and poor actions and behaviour.

If you are at the point where your health is irreversibly damaged, then reflect on what you can do to help yourself.   Your health is a wonder of nature, like our glorious beautiful world, it can heal itself, despite the damage inflicted by others or ourselves.

Change your mind, change your thinking, and let the mind body connection bring you well-being, even if you have to fight for it, it’s a fight work facing.  If you know others who are struggling, support them, guide them, listen to them, and help them in all and every way possible.

What price good health?

No amount of money can replace your health, but you can make a difference to your own health and to others, whether is it physical or emotional health, you can make a difference.   If you want to!  

If you don’t ignore the signs of illness or emotional distress. If you take the time to learn new ways to think and feel, you can make a difference.  

If you chose not to, of course that is your personal choice and you live with it.  If you believe you cannot make a difference to your health, your thinking is flawed, there is always something you can do.

And if you decide to do something to help yourself, congratulate yourself, make a note in your diary or in your phone so you remember this is the day you decided to change your life and your relationship with yourself.

Congratulate yourself for taking the time and the effort, for believing that change is possible.

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So what price good health?   Just a little time, effort and responsibility