Where does your stress come from? You might be surprised! Posted on 20 Dec 18:12 , 0 comments

Where does your stress come from?  Perhaps it comes from work, or work colleagues, perhaps certain friends, partners, or lack of money?

If you believe stress comes from any of the above, then you might be surprised to lStressearn it doesn’t.

Stress is caused when your internal energy, is outstripped by internal or external demands, whether they are real or imaginary.  Therefore stress comes from you – from within you!

It is not someone else, or something else which causes you stress, it is your interpretation of a person’s actions, words, behaviour, or lack of action or inaction, or responses etc. which causes the stress.  If what someone does or doesn’t do or say, goes against your beliefs or moral or ethical code, then that causes you stress!

But wait a minute this is great isn’t?  This means if you are causing your own stress, then you can do something about it, the solution is within you.  Therefore the answer is in your hands – well, in your mind and attitude really but you know what I mean.

We have been brought up to believe that he or she or it, does something or other which causes stress. We have been brought up to believe that it is somebody else which causes our stress, but the problem lies within us.

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