How do you imagine your 2016 to be? Posted on 20 Dec 18:23 , 0 comments

How do you imagine your 2016 to be? Happy, successful and achieving all you want to achieve? Or simply more of the same?  The same struggles, worries, fears and concerns about health, work, money, relationships?  

The reality is many people may simply fool themselves that all will be well, and they will go along with the New Year celebrations, make resolutions which they know deep down will fail within the first few weeks.  They will join in the festivities but suspect in their heart that it is all just shallow actions, and that the feelings of exuberance will fade as quickly as ice in the rain.

So what to do?   The answer is to do something different.  If you keep doing the same things, expect the same outcomes.   As soon as you do something different then things have to change.

Understand these two things and movement will be made.

Firstly, when we think about the future, we are merely projecting, the past has been and gone, and we have memories and experiences from it, it has happened.   The future is yet to come. When we project into it, we have to do more than think about what we have now, and move it into the future, we have to believe we have achieved it.  If we want better health, more money, better relationships or whatever is important in our life we have to believe we already have it, that we have achieved those aims, dreams and wishes.

If we do that, then the future successful you, will send back to you the positive feelings and confidence, which will encourage you to achieve what you already feel in the future.  It may sound weird to some, but it helps not only to achieve, but it shifts the present mind set – you are doing something different, so the outcomes have to be different.

Secondly, if you know you have something in the present stopping you from achieving then you have to deal with it first.   It makes sense that if you have a problem with confidence in the now, and you want to be a successful singer for example, then it makes sense to deal with the confidence issue here and how.

If you want to be more successful in business and social life, and yet you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and associated anxiety it makes sense to deal with the IBS in the here and now.

Whatever your dreams and wishes for the 2016, I wish you well.     Make that first crucial step now.  For help with anxiety, IBS, stress, insomnia and more visit