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Do you dare ...

to be different, or do you remain in an unhealthy routine. Dare you be different by making changes others may mock you for? Dare you be different to embrace positive change and happiness, even though it may not always be easy to do so? Dare you be different to reach out for a dream, a wish or simply a long over due change?  

How many readers I wonder are stuck in routines which are unhappy, perhaps unproductive or even worse, damaging? Those who dare to be different often face ridicule; often having to swim against a tide of negative comment, feedback or hostility. 

It’s often true that individuals see changes they want to make, take the first few steps of making those changes and are then dissuaded from going further by negative comments, threats, and ridicule from those not wanting them to move on or better themselves.

Even worse though, they are sabotaged by self-limiting thoughts or feelings; this is the point when doubts set in, when you believe that what is worth having has to be worked hard for, or that sacrifices have to be made. It is then we have to remind ourselves to dare to be different.  Dare to think positive and to move one. Dare to follow your dream, your wishes and hopes.  It doesn’t matter what people think, it is what people know that matter. History is full of people who have made difficult choices to follow their dreams, which in turn brings themselves - and often society - a great reward.  We may not be in the league where our actions and outcomes touch wider society, but we can make a difference to our lives and often to our families’ lives if we dare to be different.

Regular readers will be aware of the power of thought, words and inner speak. If you don’t know how to do something, or don’t know what you want to do, to make things better for yourself, don’t be dissuaded from persevering just because you don’t know how to do something. 

Change the thought and the feelings change. For example, instead of thinking: ‘I can’t drive’ replace this thought with ‘I can’t drive ~ yet!’  That one little word YET, has a great power to overcome negative thoughts and feelings.  Try it on your self limiting thoughts and feel the difference. 

When you recognise you need some support to make changes in your life, or to let go of some self limiting beliefs, or to deal with a phobia, or you simply want to talk something through, you are stepping into the realms of daring to be different. 

Recognising there is a need for change is the first step which brings about change. The next step of course is daring to do something different, to recognise that nothing changes if you continue to do the same thing. Do something different and the outcomes will be different.

The choices are so different. Do nothing and look back with regret sometime in the future or do something different and feel the difference.  And of course if it’s too scary, you can always tell yourself, the time is not right ~ yet!   If you feel like daring to be different, take the first gentle step by going to www.healthyaudiohypnosis.com to see our well-being audio programs and gift vouchers.