FEAR = Forget everything and run! Posted on 03 Jan 15:08 , 0 comments

FEAR ~ we have all felt it at some time in our life,

whether the fear was real or perceived, it still has an affect on us, it can send us into a fight, flight or freeze reaction or it may make us act in a positive way.

For some people FEAR can stand for ‘Forget Everything and Run’, or it could be, ‘Fiction Envisioned as Real’.

Fear is just an emotion

which creates a physical response, and we react in whatFEAR - Forget everything and runever way we feel is appropriate at the time, even if it is inappropriate to do so!  Phobias are a good example.  When we are not faced with the situation which causes the phobic response we are rational, cool, often calling the phobic response silly or stupid, and even laughing about it. But when faced with the situation which causes the phobic response, logic and humour are largely forgotten, the learned response kicks in and we forget everything and run! 

Imaginings can also create fear. Even though an imagined event has not happened, nor is very likely to do so, the imagined event can create just as powerful a response as one actually happening in the moment.  Since fear is an emotion which creates a physical response, change the thought and the physical response changes too.

When we are fearful in the moment

we rarely stop to think through the problem, we just react. Often the answer is simply to stop and think. Introduce some logic to the thought process, and when you introduce something new, the response is changed too.

If we live a life of fear and dread, we are robbing ourselves of living the life we want to live. We are sabotaging our lives and often the lives of those around us because we are not allowing ourselves to be the person we are capable of being.  If this state of mind continues for any length of time, our emotional energy is often drained, wasted on fear of imaginings.

And yet we have the capability to be and do more, we are capable of learning and relearning ways to think, feel and behave. If you or someone you know doesn’t believe this, then you should consider coming to have a chat with me. We are all capable of learning, all capable of letting go of those things no longer needed.  Regular readers will know I don’t use the word “can’t”!

It’s not that you can’t, it’s more like you don’t know how, or it may be you don’t want to, but it isn’t that you can’t.   Fear can be from the past, present or future - our responses are largely the same wherever the fear is from.

And I am not just addressing the type of stark reality fear when our lives may be threatened; I am also including, anxiety, phobia, constant concern, heightened states. In fact, anything that prevents you from living the life you are entitled to live, with peace of mind, safety and inner calm. So remember there is always something that can be learned, considered or changed which could give you a new way of thinking, feeling and behaving.

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