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Do you feel secure in your self? 

We all know the importance of making our home and car secure, and we know generally where it is safe to walk alone at night. So what other security is there? The other obvious one is financial security; millions of us have had that tested over the last few years. There is the question of job security too; nowadays there are very few jobs which bring long term financial security. 

Reflecting on how things are now compared to how they were even 10 years ago, the things we took for granted, the secure job, the assured financial income, the security of owning bricks and mortar have all largely evaporated.Inner Security

Few of us have the security

we once enjoyed, and unfortunately the loss of these securities in our lives can have a large impact upon us, not only materialistically, but emotionally too.

So do you feel secure inside? The feeling you may once have taken for granted, that no matter what life threw at you, you would be able to deal with it, work it out, find a solution to it. Is that still there?

For some people it won’t be.  Too many negatives have happened, been forced upon them or forced from them to feel secure. So many things outside of their area of influence could well have evaporated that had once promoted a feeling of security. Once that security is lost, many things are perceived as threats, from simply driving the car, to socialising, to going to work, relationships becoming more difficult and so much more. We have seen over recent years how quickly things can change

So it might be worth some thought now

on how we are going to deal not only with what we have to deal with in our lives at the present, but what we can do to prepare for the coming challenges.  We need to seriously consider building up our inner resources.

Our internal resources can be restored fairly quickly, and once these are re-developed and strengthened then we can start to feel secure again. We can learn to see things through new eyes, and while we may not be able to always change external events and situations, but we can see them differently.

If we create a quiet confidence and strength inside ourselves which we can call upon in times of difficulty, then the impact is not as deep or wounding, emotional recovery can be quicker, discovering options of choice, developing new considerations, re-thinking problems and developing solutions can become easier. We need to build a reservoir of confidence and security inside.

And it all starts

with recognising that we are the controller of our own thoughts. The often asked question is the glass half full or half empty is a good example. If we have our health we are lucky, we can get through anything.

If we have positive emotional resilience, we can comfort ourselves in difficult times that no matter what is going on we can remind ourselves of what we do have, of those who love us, the people we care about, and the skills we have.

All these can help in testing times. So take a few minutes each day to simply be still and think about what and who you have in your life, and what you are able to achieve.  By doing so you are developing your own inner security, balance and harmony. 

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