Adapting to change Posted on 10 Jan 12:18 , 0 comments

Today, I want to focus

on the importance of thinking differently. During uncertain times our confidence and self esteem can be eroded. Our belief systems are often challenged and we sometimes, or often, feel uncomfortable with external events, with other people and ourselves.

Regular readers will be familiar with the phrase, ‘each thought creates a physical response’ and this is important to remember.

What we also have to remember is unfamiliar is not necessarily wrong, it’s simply unfamiliar. But we adapt and we can learn to think differently, and as we think differently we eventually feel more comfortable and the unfamiliar then becomes familiar. 

During the recent economic downturn years

the Woolworths chain, well liked  in my home town of Warrington became a casualty and closed its doors. It had had a presence in the town for decades, and was one of those shops that spanned the generations so the closure made a huge impact.

Walking past Woolworths the day after it closed, I felt  the unfamiliar; something important had left my life, and feelings of unfamiliarity crept in. It had always been there. Down the years, countless number of Warringtonians had met outside the Woolworths shop on a Saturday to meet friends before ‘going around town’. And yet we take a few walks past it and how quickly we become familiar to seeing it closed.  We adapt, and we do it well if we allow ourselves too. 

Over recent years, we have become familiar with bailouts, company closures; we have also become familiar with massive numbers, a billion, 20 billion sometimes hundreds of billions. When we first thought about billions it was a mind numbing number, now we’re all familiar with the huge numbers and we now don’t give them a second thought so again we adapt.

And that is one of the many great things about being human,

we are adaptable, we can make the best of a bad job, we can learn to think differently, we can learn to think better, we can learn new skills, new attitudes and new outlooks. 

Every single person who reads this article is capable of changing their thoughts and outcomes. My self-help audio recordings and my services at medical centre practice are about helping people to make changes in their lives.

Back then, what we thought were dependable institutions and companies were vanishing or taking on new forms, and yet change always brings opportunity. It is up to us to take advantage of the times.

However no-one will say it is an easy thing to do,

but I believe it is those who are prepared to adapt and learn and think differently who will be the winners when things finally settle down, and the economic hardships are over.

All things pass and change and will get better again for the majority. For some it was literally starting from scratch again, but everyone does have the ability to adapt and change and move on.

Sometimes we have no choice, so the more comfortable we feel in and about ourselves and our abilities the better our outlook, and subsequently the more we eventually achieve.

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