Always Rushing Posted on 10 Jan 18:04 , 0 comments

Have you ever stopped to think

how much rushing about you do in your life?  Have you even considered what it would be like to simply stop and be still and quiet? Everything is needed yesterday; we have less and less time for our children and loved ones, less time to build relationships, less time for ourselves, less time to enjoy nature and the world around us. 

And it is not about society and life demands, it is more about allowing ourselves to be sucked into the rush and demand which society seems to expect!  We can stop and say no,stop rushing we don’t have to immediately answer, (or even answer at all) the dozens of emails we receive every day.  We stop everything when the phone rings.

How I sometimes yearn for the old A & B button telephone boxes at the top of the street (younger readers in the UK will have to ask their grandparents about them!). Now we are constantly interrupted by mobile phones wherever we go, and if they are not answered immediately, even though the owner is perhaps in the middle of a face-to-face conversation with you, then stress levels rise, and if the call is missed, … I won’t even go into the responses I have seen when that happens!

And yet we continue to live life at full speed,

not even thinking about slowing down, never mind stopping. It might be a good idea if we were to place a notice on the mirror so each morning we get up and read ‘good morning lemming’ referring to the little furry creatures which urban myth tells us leap to their death off cliffs in their millions, Because if we are not careful, we run the risk of committing slow motion suicide - dashing and rushing without giving ourselves a second thought. 

There is an answer to all this, in fact two answers. Either we learn to slow down and treat ourselves more gently and take time for us, or Mother Nature will do it for us in the form of some stress related condition or a sudden fatal stop, and then it will be too late. 

One of the things people so often say to me, when I give them a CD of their session to listen to is “it is really difficult to find the time to do this each day” but once they get into it, they realise just how precious that time is, and they fit it into their schedule and enjoy it, looking forward not only to the message on the CD, but having their own time too.

So dear reader, I would like you to consider

stopping whatever you are doing, and simply take some time out for you. If you can’t do it now, do it later in the day. Stop and look at the people around you trying so desperately to fit everything in, everything they have to do, or what they believe they have to do.

Consider what you can leave until tomorrow, ask how urgent it really is. Above all find time for you, because if you don’t do it willingly, Mother Nature may well step in, and take the option of choice away from you!

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