IBS Masterclass for UK Hypnotherapists Posted on 29 Feb 18:27 , 0 comments

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Is a common digestive disorder, affecting up to one in five of the population.  

Hypnotherapy is one of the suggested psychological therapies mentioned in the IBS Nice Guidelines 2008 to be used as a treatment option after 12 months of non-effective pharmacological treatment (why wait 12 months you ask?? I have no idea).

As the author of the highly acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100 for adults, which is now used in over 45 countries, I feel I am well placed to guide hypnotherapists in providing an effective proven treatment option for their clients / patients. 

This IBS Masterclass, has been running since 2000, and has helped many hundreds if not thousands of hypnotherapists in the UK and Europe to effectively manage IBS symptoms.   In fact many users of the IBS Audio Program 100 and patients within my practice have considered themselves 'cured' by this specific IBS protocol.    However you can only cure, if there was something identified to cure, and since the medical profession deem IBS to be a functional disorder rather than an organic one, I prefer not to use the word.

Researchers have shown for decades the benefits of hypnotherapy on the IBS condition, my IBS Audio Program 100 has shown benefit in real life situations, not simply in the research environment.

So if you are qualified hypnotherapist and are interested in learning a specific IBS proIBS Masterclass by Michael Mahoneytocol which has been used by hundreds of thousands of IBS sufferers, and learned by hypnotherapists in the UK and Europe, consider coming to this IBS Masterclass on 10th April 2016

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