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As time passes, times change also.

When I was a lad ( a sure sign that I am getting older!) the summer months went on seemingly for a life time, days were hot and long, we were able to play in the fields and only went home when we were hungry, of soaking wet, having fallen off the rope swing over the brook.  How life has changed in so many ways, not least the use of technology.

I now regularly hold video telephone calls over the internet, and have friendtechnology in 2016s and clients all over the globe. We now hardly blink at the wonderful opportunities available to us, which just a few short years ago would have been unheard of. The great software programmes and Apps for mobile devices make life easier for us - or more intrusive depending upon your outlook.  Technology moves on apace and seems intent on doing so, assuming the absence of a massive solar flare, which I suspect could well take us all back to horse and cart days in the blink of an eye!

However, no matter how wonderfully technology develops, I am privileged to work with the best, most advanced computer systems in the world – which is our brain.  The most amazing, powerful processing system in the world.  When I work with people I help them to release negatives, and learn or re-learn positive thought patterns.

These in turn create positive physical responses. 

By re-programming our thoughts, feelings and emotions, we can function more fully, more appropriately, developing new ways of thinking and feeling, and therefore improving quality of life for my clients.  From nail-biting through to trauma after abuse and many things in-between and beyond have been presented during my 30 years in practice. 

The power we hold in our heads is awesome. Many of us admire the technology that is around us, but so often fail to notice what we possess in our own skull.  Negative thoughts, experiences and expectations can be made to fade away, confidence and self-esteem can be developed, aches and pains reduced or eliminated, Irritable Bowel Syndrome can so often be managed effectively, anxiety reduced and replaced by well-being, weight managed, phobias erased and so much more.

After you have read this article,

take a few moments to consider the amazing person you are, reflect on your abilities and strengths, and realise everything you can do now, was once unfamiliar. Also it is likely that you had to make many mistakes and multiple attempts to master those things you now take for granted. 

And if your mind goes to things you wish you could do, or those things you wish you hadn’t done, or a desire to be free of a worry, habit or fear; then just remember, you most probably have everything you need to achieve your goal, but perhaps are not using it in the right way, and if you need to learn something new, then you can do that too, if you want to!

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