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Freedom is something we may often take for granted.

Some may feel we don’t have enough freedom, others perhaps think we have too much. For me freedom is a human given, we are entitled to freedom, it should not be something somebody gives us, though many would try to take it from us.

Freedom is not simply about personal liberty and the enjoyment of political and civil liberties.

In my Healthy Audio Hypnosis and hypnotherapy audio programs and downloadswork I meet people who want inner freedom from guilt and shame, freedom to develop, freedom to express themselves, and be who they want to be. They often want the freedom to make decisions for themselves and their future, to break out of their shell, or to be mentally and emotionally stronger.

But this freedom is often elusive,

due to work and family responsibilities, financial, and relationship pressures.

While we have to live according to the laws of the land, we really do have the ability to set ourselves free from burdens and demands that we either place on ourselves or have allowed others to place upon us.

With freedom comes responsibility for what we choose to do and what we choose not to do.  As children we are taught the implications of our actions, the impact of what we do or don’t do which brings the ability to balance our thoughts and actions.

Experiencing self liberation is certainly life changing. As we learn and begin to expect positive change to occur within our thoughts, feelings and emotions, we begin to experience these moments more frequently and easily.

July and August are often seen

as the freedom months where holidays are taken, schools are on their break and society generally is less stressed.  And yet for many it is only a temporary state, we all know the feeling of freedom from work and study routines, and we all know the feelings of back to the grindstone, trudging the path of responsibility again.

Yet even though we have to meet the routines and challenges of life, we can also meet the needs of inner freedom. We don’t have to carry burdens and limitations, these days it is more important than ever that we exercise all our ability to grow and develop, to be free of the negative emotional chains and shackles which hold us back. 

We have the personal choice whether to grow and develop or whether to allow personal stagnation. We have the personal choice of making changes to enhance our lives and the lives of those we love, or whether to simply put up with what life brings. 

When we are unsure of what to do,

we often do nothing. If you feel that life is one long return to work feeling, then an inner part of you is telling you change is needed. We need to listen to what our mind and body and instincts are telling us, for ignoring them will most certainly lead us further down the captive path of despondency. 

With even a small amount of forward momentum, change is possible, even just a change of inner perception and a concentration on the positive aspects of our lives rather than a pessimistic focus. We can learn it doesn’t have to be that way – even just a simple change of outlook can make all the difference! 

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