How about some encouragement? Posted on 22 Jan 17:30 , 0 comments

What is it with people these days?

Not all people, but some people. They can find time to complain or to put people down or criticize, but when it comes to handing out a little praise, they clam up. Could it be the common explanation that putting others down makes one feel better about their own lives and less critical of their own shortcomings?

When you really stop to think about it, how ludicrous! I can remember whenoption of choice people wanted to look up to others and aspire to be like them – people with accomplishments, perhaps inventors, sports professionals, maybe an inspirational teacher or parent. Of course we still have throngs of young people who aspire to be the next singing idol, but in general, there was once a feeling of wanting to become ‘someone’ who was respected, admired, professional, accomplished.

A friend of mine

wrote a thesis for a university about young adults and striving for success. It seems there isn’t as much striving these days. In fact, she found out that many students were afraid to even try. They preferred not trying because of fear of failure. However, because they didn’t even try, they failed anyway! At least if they had tried, they would have had somewhat of a chance of success, but they didn’t see it that way!

This is not good. Why is this happening? Perhaps they received false praise as youngsters for mediocrity or expected achievements. Though one would think praise is a good thing, people know when they are praised for work below their ability and this can have adverse effects later on.

And then there are those who have not received praise or encouragement and need it.

Are these two opposites or are there some commonalities going on here?

Well, as human beings we all need encouragement. And the young adult who was saturated with false praise knows the truth. Yet, he or she may be in real need of encouragement all the same. The encouragement to try and perhaps even to fail. Because it is in failing that we learn, and learning is encouraging! Eventually, true encouragement can lead to success.

But whether we are young or growing older, sometimes the occurrences for being encouraged can be few and far between.

Are you are feeling in need of encouragement, but don’t know where to start, or if you even feel a bit ‘silly’ at the thought.

I can help you find ways

to get you enthusiastic and encouraged about your life and your goals. Over the years I have helped many individuals who have felt discouraged, to renew their passion for their life’s goals and achievements. Sometimes it is hard to get motivated, to get started – you may just need a little push and you can be on your way!

I have helped many to become motivated, enthusiastic and driven to achieve, now more than ever, everyone who has to earn a living needs to have confidence in themselves and their abilities to learn and achieve. And of course there are people who were never encouraged to achieve, but it is never too late.  If you are not local to my practice, then go to  for self-help and well-being audio programs that will help encourage you on to greater success.