Time Marches On in March! So Can You! Posted on 29 Feb 18:14 , 0 comments

OK, so I got a bit carried away

with using the month in the title! But it can be a bit alarming to realise that time is marching on. There are so many things that we all would have liked to have accomplished by now, but haven’t. It is just a fact of life, that time moves on whether we want it to or not. Never enough of it when you want it, and too much of it when you don’t! You know, like when holiday time isn’t enough, but time in the dentist chair is far too much!

Sometimes I have my patients imagine time marching on with two viewpointsCalander. One viewpoint being a path where life in the future is the same – one week down the road, two weeks, two months, a year - nothing has changed in their life.

Then there is the other road

or viewpoint, where they have focused on one specific and much desired goal. Try it. Imagine yourself two weeks into the future taking the needed steps and beginning to achieve your goal, how you would feel?  Then picture yourself in two months, then 6 months, then a year having accomplished just what you want. Keep this visualisation in your mind’s eye as often as you can, try it several times a day and with as much detail, colour, and embellishment as you can. Imagine time marching on in just the way you envision it to be. Sort of exciting isn’t it?

But so many times we do just the opposite. We expect things to just carry on as they have, and even though we may go through some half-hearted emotions or attempts of doing things differently, our mind isn’t along for the ride. How do we get our mind to not only go along, but be totally invested in the process?

Well, the subconscious mind

has a lot of control – you may not think of it often, but did you ever drive home without much thought of where you turned, what streets you were on, but you just ended up there, at home? Or out of habit, driving one place, but going to another because that is your usual route? I imagine most readers are nodding. Yep, that’s the subconscious mind running things.

But we know from past experience, and from stories of people who accomplish seemingly impossible things, that we can get ourselves invested on all levels.

So how about it? – you can achieve anything you set your mind to. If your mind isn’t in it, then it isn’t going to happen. Sometimes it is because we know we “should” do something, but don’t want to do it. Sometimes we want to, but the price to get there may seem to be too high.  But quiet often, after time has allowed your thoughts to come together, you may well realise that not doing something different, is not an option.

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