Your future – Hopeless or Hopeful? Posted on 22 Jan 17:41 , 0 comments

Do you know what

the future has in store for you? Even in spite of the doom and gloom reported in the news, there is one thing we can be sure of, and that is we have more authority and control over our lives than most of us think. 

Take for example, the very moment you are living in right now, as you read this article. What brought you to read this? Whether you are consciously aware of them or not, thereWheel of health are reasons and events that brought you to this action – simple as it may be.

But what about the big picture – your future? Is it hopeless or hopeful? It can be hopeful and you hold the key!

How about thinking of your future in a new way.

Imagine that you are on a path

and around you there are many other paths, each one setting you in a different direction, with each path dependent upon the next thought and decision you make. There are many options of choice, but you are in control of the choice you make. With this choice, you will begin a series of steps and actions which will lead to outcomes and responses. Some may well be responses you do not want, but we learn from these decision-making processes and eventually most of us learn the lessons they teach us, both negative and positive, so we learn about our authority and outcomes and responsibilities.

Now what difference would it make if you actively sought your goal and if you planned and structured your thinking, to take the steps you need to take, to achieve your goals in a way that was determined by your thoughts and actions? There would be more focus in your life, less hardship and disappointment, more rewards and quicker resolutions to unwanted outcomes.

So imagine you are the hub in a wheel, and all the paths leading from you are the spokes, each leading to alternative outcomes. You, in this moment, in this very time, have the ability to sculpt your future, determine your future to be the very best you possibly can.

It is not down to simply

waiting and see what comes your way, it is not dependent on what others do or do not do. If we want something enough, we put plans in place to achieve them, we can learn from others who can already do what we want to do, we decide to use our own authority and life skills and education to reach out and achieve what we want to achieve, whether it is in the workplace, in relationships or otherwise.

So I would encourage you to seek your own path of achievement, through your own actions, thoughts and beliefs. It’s easy to accept the alternative, which is to do nothing, and blame the state or someone else. But I truly believe, if we want something enough we can go out and get it, despite the objections and doubts and disbelief of others. We can make our own future, even our own luck, if we use our own resources wisely. But it all starts with that single step, that thoughtful belief that we want something to change. And of course, if I can help you know where I am.

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