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Over the years

I have met many people who hold that point of view, it’s too late to learn, it’s too late to say sorry, it’s too late to make a difference, and it’s too late to show you care? An
d on and on it goes.   And yet this internal speak we can so often bombard ourselves with is false. It is a lie. 

No matter who you are, where you have come from, what you did, what you didn’t do or say, you can always improve yourself, you can always change, you can always become better, different, more knowing and aware – if you choose to, and know how to!

The process begins by listening to yourself: listen to your thoughts, fade out your inner noise and chatter and internal blame process, and listen.  When all the noisy self-criticising has been allowed to quieten, you hear your internal encouraging whispers, you begin to feel your own inner strength, and when you are hearing and feeling your own energy and internal resources, you sense, realise, and then embrace the fact that it’s never too late to be who you want to be, and never too late to achieve those things you want to achieve.

Once you are aware of your internal resources, the next step is to take the time to learn how to be who you want to be.  And a great start is by speaking your truth, and by taking chances. 

You may find quite quickly that not everyone will share your views and opinions, and that’s fine, you have the right to your own truth, your own opinion.  Not everyone has to accept everything you say, you don’t accept everything from everyone else, nor should you.  It is your life you are living, so don’t allow others to live it for you.

You have a right to be heard, your opinion is important.  It is important to your health to be heard.  Why spend your life suppressing your thoughts and opinions, why suppress your creativity and your intellect.  Give yourself permission to hear your own voice, express yourself and begin to embrace that part of your life.  

The other thing to consider

is to be comfortable in making mistakes, you learn from them.  Never be afraid to ask a question for fear of looking or sounding stupid.  The only stupid question is the one never asked.   Isn’t it better to try, and if you make mistakes and learn from them, then you have grown.   The more decisions you make the easier it is to make them.

However, many people put things on the ‘back-burner’ and say they will do it later, or will start tomorrow, knowing deep down they won’t.  Do it now, start right now, find your inner voice, your inner quiet and let them become known to you once again.  Putting it off until tomorrow is simply cheating yourself, and sabotaging your life.  While it might be more comfortable to stay in your comfort zone, know this: true learning and change only happens when you are out of your comfort zone.

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