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Doing some early evening shopping

a couple of months ago, I bumped into a friend from 33 years ago; we spent a good 10-15 minutes catching up the best we could in that short time. I was saddened to learn that her husband had a serious illness, but he was dealing with it. And from what I remember of him, I would have expected nothing less. On the few occasions I met her now husband, he was witty and quick, she the same. My friend said both he and she just had to make the best of things, and I believe they are doing just that.

It was nice to meet her again;

I hope to meet him again too in time. After we parted I thought about some of the things we had discussed and the way she had spoken, and I left feeling happy for them both. Yes, times were not particularly easy for them, but from what she said, they are dealing with things together and in their own ways too.  What’s the point of letting it get you down she said, and shhealthy audio hypnosis well-being audio programse’s right there is no point at all. Regular readers will identify with the fact that this blog often talks about inner strength and inner resources, perceptions, actions and the importance of the mind and body connection.

The outlook of these two would help sustain them, keep them strong and help them to share their worries and fears.

Previously I wrote about the anchor or propeller, they are both proving to be propellers, they are not letting the issues get in the way. And I applaud them both.

It’s human to worry that we are strong enough

to meet such challenges and yet ordinary people, with ordinary lives meet challenges every day, work through them every day, and find solutions every day too. We wonder how we might manage when life throws a serious problem at us or our loved ones, and yet we should also remember that as human beings we are in charge of one the greatest computers the world has ever seen, our brain. We are in charge of one of the most resilient pieces of machinery the world has ever seen, our bodies.

And we have the most powerful driver too in our inner strength and beliefs. So when things get difficult and scary, let us hope that we remember there are others taking scary journeys and finding that innate resource of inner strength, just as we can. We can look around and see quiet heroes propelling themselves though life and its difficulties, doing it quietly.  We can see other heroes who are supporting, guiding and sometimes perhaps cajoling loved ones when and where needed.

I was also pleased to learn she read my column too, and I hope over time some of the things I have written have helped both her and her husband, and others too to see things in a new way.  

That chance meeting

simply made me think about the wonderful things we have in life, and it reminded me too, that sometimes we need to have the difficult times to help us to get stronger, and from the changed perspective of life illness, challenges and demands, inevitably comes a new thinking, no longer taking things for granted, living each moment and enjoying the new perspectives that we might simply have overlooked, had we not had the difficulties life sometimes brings.

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