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Anchor or Propeller? 

In the world of psychology

there are references to personality types A & B, and also internal and external locus of control. A type ‘A’ personality is one who generally works hard, is preoccupied with schedules, speeds through doing multiple jobs, interrupts people in their speech etc.  Type ‘B’ are more laid back, creative, imaginative types generally taking life slower.

Locus of control basically refers to an individual’s perception about the underlying main causes of events in their life ~ simply put is your life controlled by yourself or by external forces such as fate, circumstances, others or higher forces. And there are combinations, for example external locus of control type A for example. All very interesting, for some at least!healthy audio hypnosis well-being audio programs

However, there is perhaps a simpler way of looking at life. Regular readers and those who have been to my practice will know that I like to keep things simple, because the more we understand something the easier it is to change it, or at least to give it a different perspective.

In a less clinical example we can look at people in a different way.

Those who are radiators

and those who are drains!  Radiators are those people we like to be close to, they give us warm feelings, they are welcoming, and they listen and help us when needed. 

Then there are the drains.

These are the people who, if we let them, would suck our very life force from us. We see them coming and try to avoid them, they are self focused; nothing matters but them, and their problems. I am sure we all know some individuals who fit into these catagories.

And then there are the ‘Anchor’ types and the ‘Propeller’ types. 

The Anchor types

are people who drag along all their past problems worries and concerns, without looking for ways to solve them. They would never ask for help, rather be burdened than choosing to make a change or choice, nothing is their fault it is ‘circumstances’ beyond their control. 

And then there are the propellers

they move through life under their own steam. They have learned a way to move though the rough and smooth waters of life, they recognize they can make a difference to how they feel, and how they look at life. 

However, all types

including the type A’s can learn to think differently, as can type B’s. External / Internal locus of control personalities can learn to think differently too, and it is accepted there are subtleties and complexities to be considered in both! So too can the Anchor type learn to be more like the Propeller, if we as individuals regardless of where we feel we are in life at the moment, choose to think and feel and act differently, and if we recognize we have this ability to change, life can be more fun, more productive and aims and goals can be identified and worked towards.

To finish, simply healthy audio hypnosis well-being audio programsremember that we can make a difference despite our circumstances, and if the circumstances can’t change then we can see them in a different, more positive perspective, and that in itself can move us from being an anchor towards being a propeller.

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