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When I was in first year

at high school at the great age of 11, one of the teachers (whose first impression on me was one of being a fearsome sort of individual, but who in later years I learned to trust and admire who also won my respect) wrote on the blackboard the words “Can Not” in big letters.

He told us to look at those two words for a few minutes and after what seemed an age, he lightly brushed the board duster over the words so they faded. He told us to keep watching as he passed the duster over the words again and then again and eventually the words faded so that they could no longer be seen.  He told us to close our eyes and see the whealthy audio hypnosis well-being audio programsords in our mind and see them fading until they had disappeared. He then told us he did not want to hear any of us use those words - ever!  He was insistent and he made the impression that still holds today, almost 50 years later.

As I went through life

I remembered those words I shouldn’t use. As soon as I thought them they disappeared. Because I knew if I used them then I would be closing down any chance to achieve whatever it was I wanted to achieve. It was a very useful if unusual lesson.

I read a story somewhere about a chap who had a big chunk of granite rising out of the ground in the middle of his garden. After a while he decided he to do something about it, so he took a chisel and hammer and eventually carved out an excellent reproduction of grisly bear. Passers by, friends and neighbours commented on the wonderful statue he had carved. They asked the man how he managed to sculpt such an excellent larger than life statue of a grisly bear without any image to model it from. “It was easy” he replied, “I just chipped off everything that didn’t look like a grisly bear”.  

Whether this story is true or not,

it is one that made an impression on me.  As we go through life we usually want to be successful, by our own standards so sometimes we have to re-model ourselves. We have to learn new ideas and approaches, sometimes knock off the bits we don’t like about ourselves.

Attitudes and negative emotions can dominate us, and eventually make us jealous or hateful or seeking revenge for something that was real or fanciful. If we spend our lives seeking revenge or looking to hold others back we simply sabotage ourselves, our lives and our future. While the individual(s) we are trying to get even with are achieving and living their lives successfully. 

Benjamin Disraeli a former Prime Minister was known to do favours for people who deeply opposed him.

The story goes

that he once said “I never trouble to be avenged. When a man injures me, I put his name on a piece of paper and lock it in a drawer. It is marvellous to see how men I have labelled have a knack of disappearing”. Some times we should stop and wipe our own slate clean and start again. And not even consider the idea of “Can Not”.

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