The Importance of YOU! Posted on 07 Feb 12:26 , 0 comments

How important are you? How highly do you rate yourself?

It’s a question that perhaps many people do not even think about, until it’s almost too late!  The majority of us have busy lives, we work, go to college, school or university. Even the retired often say they don’t know how they had time to work!

We may have busy social lives, or have to care for sick or elderly relative. We shealthy audio hypnosis well-being audio programseldom have time to think how important we are.  Take a moment and answer this question “Who is the most important person in your life at present?”  Take a few moments, and count each one on your fingers, your partner, children, uncles, aunts, best friends and whoever else. You should count all those who are special to you. And when you have counted them all, stop and ask yourself “Where am I?” Did you place yourself last? Did you even think about including yourself? Many readers will find they “don’t count”! 

And that is so often the first answer I receive when I ask that question.

Well for all those who answered as above, I have to tell you that you are wrong.

All those individuals you named and counted,

their lives would be affected if anything happened to you! You contribute to their lives as they contribute to yours. You are important to others, so why not to yourself?  The answer often given is that it feels selfish to think of yourself in this way. And I always give the same reply – looking after yourself is not selfish, it’s self-preservation.

Some with low confidence or self-esteem, those who are stressed or anxious often don’t count themselves as being important.

If you don’t look after yourself, then sooner or later you will pay the price for it. If you work too hard, get stressed or are constantly worried, sooner or later the price will have to be paid. Mother Nature will stop you, and if you don’t learn your lesson she will stop you harder, until either you listen or it’s too late!

We need to make time for ourselves, time for those we love, to do our hobbies, to socialise, to take time to be quiet, to listen to ourselves, to our body and mind as well as listening to others.

We also have to learn not to take on the worries and problems of others. We can advise and support, but we can’t afford to live the problems of others, most of us have enough going on in our own lives that drains our own inner resources without taking on the problems of others.  

So one of the first things we have to learn, or relearn, is to help ourselves, and we can do that by listening to what our body and mind are telling us. If we have inappropriate emotional or physical problems they are indicators that we are expending more energy than we are making, so we have to redress the balance, take more time for ourselves, doing things we want to do, not living our lives the way others want us to.

It is easier said than done, but it is worth doing. Remember it is often a matter of self-preservation not selfishness.  Above all else remember you are important. 

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