Telescope of Time Posted on 12 Feb 15:36 , 0 comments

Another Month has passed,

and we are well into February already, where did January go? Come to that where did 2015 go?  Each New Year we look forward in hope that we will see opportunities and experience joys.

For some readers 2015 may have been a difficult year, for others a year of accomplishment, excitement and more.  Time passes and we have no choice but to go along wihealthy audio hypnosis well-being audio programsth it. Not only at New Year however, we can look back at the previous month (and years) especially if it hasn’t been a particularly good one and try to work out why, and do something about it for the future, but also we need to remember to reflect on the good things that have happened, as well as those which were difficult.

We can choose to have a microscope or telescope to view how things have worked out. We can use the microscope to look at our smallest failings, or regrets, our lack of non-achievements, our perceived failings. And if we choose to do this then time will pass us by even more quickly. It’s fine to make mistakes while learning, many things are beyond our control, some things just cannot be prevented, and in these cases we have to make the most of what we have, to focus on what are able to change, what we have achieved and who we have around us to help us in difficult times. We can use the microscope negatively or positively, and because we own it, it is our choice how we choose to use it.

We can also use

our telescope of time to look at things in the past, at a distance; negatives and hardship do not have to be relived time and again, to be remembered. We can remember things from a distance, as if being watched through the telescope of time; we don’t have to constantly remind ourselves of past pain, distress, worries or fears. 

Like the microscope we can choose how to use it, instead of looking back, choose to turn it towards the future, look ahead, let the learned past experiences bring you new insight, wisdom and knowledge.  Let the past work towards helping you to achieve those things you want to achieve. Use your telescope of time to focus on the opportunities the future can bring, focus on what you want to achieve, what you want to change in the year ahead, and stay focused and resolute. 

Stay sure in your drive to keep moving ahead, plan and structure in ways that will help you to achieve your future goals.

And remember too that the past has brought you experience and knowledge, feelings and options which you would never have obtained, if you had not lived the experience of life.

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