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Today we look at smoking.

As an ex-smoker who has not had a cigarette in 33 years, I can safely say stopping smoking was one of the best things I did. My own history of being a smoker helps me in my practice when working with clients wanting to stop.  I understand the cravings, the desire to eat, unsure what to do with your hands, and the sense of loss of ‘an old friend’ when becoming a non-smoker.  If you are unsure about whether you want to stop smoking, then the time is not right. If you don’t think you want to stop then don’t. 

All smokers know the facts about smoking and the damage it causes not only to the lungs, but many other parts of you body too. One thing no smoker knows however is which cigarette will contain the particle that will touch the cell, which will begin the chain reactionhealthy audio hypnosis well-being audio programs of that disease which will impact health, quality of life, and in many cases threaten the very existence of the smoker.

Regular readers will remember the equation of life ‘If you say yes to one thing, you are saying no to something else’ in short if you say yes to a cigarette, you say no to good health and longer life. 

Another equation is: we take responsibility for what we choose to do, and we take responsibility for what we choose not to do. So sometime in the future, a smoker who contracts a smoking related illness, cannot blame anyone else – it was their choice not to do anything about it, and their responsibility.  So before lighting the next cigarette take a thought for your future, and if the thought is ‘it won’t happen to me’ well consider the idea that it probably will!

For those thinking about starting to smoke – forget it, it’s not cool nor does it give you street cred, it only gives you an unnatural smell on your breath and clothes, costs a small fortune and in the end could make you one of those sad statistics we read about or see on TV.  

For many smokers the damage will already be done, but it’s not too late to minimise the damage.  If you want to stop smoking, see your doctor, there is support at your medical centre for you. If one thing does not help, try something else, as the campaign goes … don’t give up, giving up.  

Hypnotherapy is often a last resort for people, but it is something to consider. It is relaxing, gentle and none intrusive. Hypnotherapy will not do it by itself. You still need will power, or a willingness to consider new thoughts and ideas, you still need determination to succeed. Only you can decide when the time is right for you do something about it. Whether is it Hypnotherapy, patches or gum or any other method available to you, remember that not only will you benefit, but those that you love and who love you will benefit too.

Because passive smoking and the harm that smoking causes to the non-smoker is another issue altogether. 

If you are unable to visit my practice, take a look at “ An aid to Stopping Smoking” at