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Low self-Esteem

can mean many things to many people, it may mean self-confidence, self-respect, self-worth or self-perception, these and many descriptions are used when I meet people in my practice.

It is about how we view ourselves, how we value ourselves, and for mhealthy audio hypnosis well-being audio programsany people self esteem is often quite low, in some cases even non-existent. These low feelings often reflect our experiences throughout life. Sometimes when we are children we are limited by the things people say to us, the way we are told to behave, the result of things that have happened to us, amongst other reasons. In adult life it can be the result of work, relationships, finances, accidents, and many other reasons. 

The person with low self-esteem is often quick to self-criticise or apologise. They might be shy or quiet.  Their jobs may reflect their inner perceptions of themselves, doing work that is often below their capabilities. Their posture is often turned in, avoiding eye contact is also a give away.

This subject is far too great to cover in this column, but if any of the above reflect you and how you feel and how you behave then take heart, it does not have to be this way.

The first step

is to identify that your self-esteem is not where you want it to be. An important first step indeed. Next decide if you are worthy enough do something about it. Regular readers will be familiar with one of my equations of life which is this. If you know there is something that needs changing and you choose to do nothing about it, don’t complain! But if you decide to do something about it then shout all you like, for then you are doing something for yourself.

Only you can make that choice. Only you can decide if you want to change the way things are for you.  If you want to walk taller, and be an equal to everyone else, then do something about it.

If you want to feel confident in yourself and your abilities then make changes. If you know you need to change but don’t know how to start the changes, then come and have a talk to me, if you can’t get to my practice take a look at my

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Without doubt, once we decide to make something happen we can set goals, push back the boundaries and limitations that have been placed on us by others or ourselves. We can look to the future with more confidence, make plans for ourselves and those we love.

We can instigate changes

in many areas of our lives, but as always it starts with the first step. Making the decision we know we need to make. If the time is not right just now, ask yourself when it will be!

The sooner we make changes the sooner our quality of life will improve.

Of course making these changes will not always be easy, but if you make them in a safe, secure and supportive environment then they can be made easier, can happen more quickly and very often can be enjoyable and exciting.

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