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Difficult times – here’s extra help

Extra discount for those in hardship.

This blog is about the importance of caring. Almost everywhere we look today, some headlines shout: worry, stress, problems, hardship, fear and they are right, these things are everywhere. 

So why doesn’t someone try and balance things, with some good news – maybe because good news doesn’t make a good headlines. Whatever the reason, we want to bring some good news to you.

In the spirit of caring, today we are trialing a new approach.

Hands reaching out to help and support

Not only have we discounted our programs significantly already for January, but we are introducing an extra hardship discount. It will be available to all our customers who feel they need extra help.

By using the code ‘ extra ‘ on selected programs at checkout

  • You won’t be paying the RRP of £75.00 
  • not the already discounted £47.00 but,
  • with the extra code you pay only £27.00

Offer has now ended - To all those to took advantage of the offer - Enjoy your program.    To those who missed it - TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CURRENT £47 DISCOUNTED RATE WHILE IT LASTS!

These are the full programs, nothing taken away, available as MP3 download or streamed versions

We believe some people just need a little bit of extra help at the moment; the fact is we all do at some time in our lives, don't we!

To do this, we would ask, those who can afford the current discounted price of £47.00 to pay it (the programs a re still great value at that price)  by doing so you will be helping us to help those who just need that extra help.

Have we lost the plot?

No we are trusting and believe the majority of people will play fair. Isn’t this an ideal time, during these difficult days for so many, when we should be helping each other directly or indirectly? We think so, and we are doing something about it.  Because it’s worth giving it a go!

There are 100 extra discounts available so if you, or someone you know needs that extra help – it's there waiting.

So whether the problem is:

Help is available.  Each program was developed specifically for its named condition or problem; all are structured and multi-session programs.


Hands together palms up showing a painted map of the world

We have helped people with a wide range of problems and conditions around the world through our programs.

We have been around for decades, due to our quality programs and our willingness to help wherever we can and this offer of extra help is our latest initiative.

Please share this blog post, it might just be what someone is looking for. 

And to those still pay the normal discounted price of £47, thank you, it means a lot!


Image of two laptops with a person leaning out of each and shaking hands with the other.


* We reserve the right to withdraw, or amend discounts and offers without notice. Discounts cannot be made retrospectively.

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