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As year-end approaches

we look back and see 2016 was one heck of a special year.

Our customers make us who we are.  Since 1998 we have been producing health and well-being audio programs, starting with the highly trusted and acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100 for adults with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


From that point on, we steadily invested and developed other health and well-being programs.

Now we have a wide ranging suite of audio programs,

2016 was also our ‘birthday’.  Celebrating 18 years of delivering health and well-being products,  and also the year our MD, Michael Mahoney celebrated 30 years in service practice and 25 years developing innovative health solutions.

2016 brought the official launch of our sister site, Healthy Audio Hypnosis which allows us now to offer Gift vouchers, Single Audio Recordings in addition to all the great titles available from the original Healthy Audio site.

We also introduced an affiliate program for anyone with a website who wants to make money from our programs.  We also released our Osteoarthritis Audio Program our first streamed program sending daily listening to your smart device or desktop.

2016 also brought a very special new program we are working on a step closer. We send a special thank you to those who kindly donated to its development. Watch out for news and updates!

In 2017 we have new programs to release, more research to be done ensuring we develop the very best products.  New online courses will soon be announced as will the streaming of some of our best titles. 

We continue to invest in our site, our people, service levels and product development so we will be here when we are needed, just as we have been supporting many thousands of people in over 45 countries since 1998 through our audio programs.

We hope you have had a wonderful year also.  

If you haven’t yet achieved all you want, remember you have to feel well enough to achieve those things you want to achieve.  When you don’t feel well, it is difficult to achieve anything.     We are here to help.

Why not take a peek at our new site and see the great offers, and sign up for our newsletter. Make sure you know about new products, news and special discounts first!

Happy New Year to you all.