Great customer feedback for IBS Audio Program 100 and Insomnia Audio Program 60 Posted on 12 Dec 19:32 , 0 comments

Thank you,

Michael Mahoney for your wonderful audios.  

They are truly life-changing.    I ordered the IBS audio program for my daughter a couple of months ago. My daughter had constant almost unbearable abdominal pain for 18 months, as well as chronic diarrhea and chronic fatigue.  She was living halfway around the world and I felt so helpless.  

Allopathic doctors told her that it was all in her head - but she is a very optimistic, athletic, positive, cheerful person, so that made no sense at all.  I listened to the audio before sending it to her, to make sure it was safe.  

I knew right away that it would help.  It is so beautifully created with such dedication to provide comfort, relaxation, peace, trust in yourself, being yourself and allowing the old subconscious beliefs that keep you trapped in this disease to fall away.  

I have studied hypnotherapy myself, and worked with many audio-tapes, but have never seen anything like this before.  On the third day of listening, my daughter phoned me to say that she was starting to feel like her old happy self again.  

She has now almost completed the 100 day program, and we are both thrilled with the results.  My daughter feels like she has a life purpose now - to help educate other people about IBS and to provide a living template that they can step into.

I liked the IBS program so much that I treated myself to the 60 day Insomnia program.  I have suffered with insomnia most of my adult life.  It got so bad that I could not really enjoy life any more.  

I gave up making plans to do fun things, because I was pretty sure that I would have a poor night’s sleep and not be able to drive, or to have a good time.  I shut myself off more and more from the outside world.  

With the audios, the quality of my sleep improved greatly.  I would sleep deeper and wake up rested, relaxed, and ready to greet the new day.  

Instead of expecting poor sleep, I started expecting good, restorative, rejuvenating sleep.  And then a wonderful thing happened.  I no longer even needed to expect good sleep.  It just happened naturally, all by itself.  I now look forward to each day, to what adventures I will have, and how I can spread this joy to others.

I am so grateful for the time and research and dedication that you have put into these audios.  What I love is how they take the “issue-ness” out of a seemingly horrible condition and turn it into a blessing; because of all we have learned about ourselves and our journey on this earth.  


Sheilagh Marissink, Ontario, Canada

10th November 2016