I am breath. What would breath say to you if it could speak?

I am a breath

From the first time we met, you were hooked,

I am taken, quickly and sometimes slowly, I am a part of you.

I am deep and controlled, I am light and rapid, I sometimes leave you, but return when you need me. When you remember me.

I communicate deeply, I enrich you and, I promote others to work hard for you.

I share, I give, I release and I refresh you and the many important parts of you.

When I get a chill you feel it too, when I overreact you know it. When I am my normal self you ignore me.

I am breath, your life force,
Your invisible friend and companion,

I am your breath, from your first cry, until the day you die, I am with you.

From crawling to walking I was there,
Throughout all loves and through heartbreak I supported you.
When you felt alone I was there.

You feel me in the cold, you hold me when afraid, you project me in laughter and expel me in a sneeze,

I am breath, one of your life forces, there to the end, as you expect me to be.

When you sleep, I don't, you would not want me to, if I falter for just a few seconds you fear the consequence.

I am breath, I am here for you, for all the days of your life.

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