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I am a moment in time.

A moment in time

Here I am, and there I go,

A rapid arrival and then suddenly I am no more,
Yet my shadow remains with you,
Sometimes locked away for safekeeping,
Sometimes for protection,
Sometimes cherished beyond all else,
At other times visited repeatedly for enjoyment or blame.

I am here, and yet I have gone,
Passed into history, my echo remains,
I am the maker of sweet dreams or the cause of nightmares,
Though I have gone, others follow me, their fate sealed, as was mine.
Blindly taking my journey,
Capturing experiences on the way.

I was here and yet I am no more,
I made a difference then,
I was a part of your life,
Once I was the most important thing for you.

For I am a moment in your life, without me, you would not have existed,
Without me, your memories would not be replayed,
Without me, what would your life have been?

Image life, without the moments of recognising true love,
Without moments of hope, achievement, and understanding,
Imagine life without me, and it is nothing,  empty and devoid

Thank you for remembering me,
I can be changed and adapted,
I can let go of experience and feelings too, should you wish me to do so.
I can be taught to make life easier,
I can reshape the past, I can enhance the future, you can be fully in me,

I came here not to burden you,
I came to make you stronger,
To make you the best you can be.

I am just one of your many moments, in time.

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