I am pain. What would pain say to you if it could speak?

I am Pain

I am rarely a welcome part of your life, and yet I appear when you need me.

I can slow you down, I can wear you out, and I can stop you doing anything.
I don't do it to be mean or uncaring, I do it to protect you.

I have been with you, since before you were born,
I will be a faithful, yet unwelcome companion all your life.

I am no stranger to being firm with you, I make you aware, I make you listen to me. I do it, so you survive, and so will I.

I am pain, you need me to keep you safe.
I am a reminder you are only human,
I am a reminder you are vulnerable, so I do what I do to protect you.

Not only do you feel me in your body, but sometimes in your heart and emotions too.

You never thank me, I never expect it.
But without me, it's doubtful you would survive.

My relatives, ache and twinge can be ignored and often are.
I appear quickly when needed, at other times I watch as you ignore the warnings from my relatives.

When you do not listen to them, as a last resort, they ask me to visit you.

You will not ignore me, to do so is at your own peril,
Yet I am open to leaving, I do not want to inflict you with my presence. I just want you to feel my warnings.

I am pain, I care for you!

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