Is your life ruled by Anxiety?

We are giving limited Free access to the Introduction session of the Anxiety Audio Program 120.

Do you know someone with Anxiety? - The likelihood is you do, the levels of anxiety and stress in society is increasing, deadlines in employment, financial pressures, unemployment pressures and so it goes on.

When was the last time someone wanted something from you in a few days, or next week? It's rare these days to hear that.   Now it's about wanting everything and anything immediately, no waiting, no patience, ever demanding and it's getting worse!


No wonder people are reporting more and more anxiety! 

We have something which may help - and we are giving you Free access to it. 

Our anxiety hypnosis program was developed specifically to be a home use GAD anxiety treatment option. 

Most anxiety sufferers will be able to relate to the difficulties of travelling to appointments for therapy or counselling when battling the often relentless anxiety symptoms.


We are offering a Free copy of the Introduction session of the Anxiety Audio Program 120

just go to this link and download it or stream it.  Simple.


Alternatively if you want to see the full information about this program, see its history, listen to sound clips then click here

So what is so special about this program?

  • Multiple interlinked sessions (16 sessions in all)
  • A clear introduction.
  • 2  x ‘familiarization’ sessions, helping you to become comfortable with the process of working towards your goal, gently and easily.
  • 2  x ‘resource library sessions (Between them containing 19 important explanations and descriptors).
  • 10 x structured interlinked audio sessions.
  • 1  x track of ambient music for self relaxation.
  • 1 x  structured listening schedule using Michael’s proven OPSIM approach.
  • 1 x symptom check list and more.


 This MP3 download program provides:      


  • a structured, caring approach,
  • gentle, easy imagery,
  • provides encouragement and understanding,
  • all delivered in a sensitive way.


     Get you Free Introduction session here







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