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Before I answer that question, let me ask you one!

If you had the skills and ability to help someone in need and they asked you for help, would you?

The vast majority of readers would say yes.   And it was that need which triggered the development of my first audio program for Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS.

I was seeing patients in my professional practice in 1991, and in the same week three different women came to see me, all going through the distress of the IBS condition. 

It’s no joke, the doctors tried but couldn’t help, the women were desperate, and there was little I knew about IBS as the time.   

But there and then I decided to do something about it.  My life changed from that moment on.

I began researching, day and night, I was driven, the faces of those three women were etched into my brain. Something had to be done.  That was the start of an 8 years journey.

I quickly learned how debilitating IBS is, how it affects not only the individual physically, but how it causes huge emotional distress too.  It is no respecter of age, background, gender or social standing.

IBS affects up to one in five of the population,

it is a huge cost to society, health service providers, and employers through absenteeism, and presenteeism!  It can strain and destroy relationships, and yet it is classed medically as none serious! 

Not serious as it won’t kill you, but the individuals’ quality of life is significantly reduced.  And for some, those whose mood is affects by it, leading in some cases to depression, then that is a different story.

Not serious?

That depends on which side of the desk you sit.  In fairness I know many medical professionals who are as frustrated as their patients with the lack of effective pharmacological treatment.  I am pleased many primary care doctors and many secondary care health providers are aware of my IBS program, referring patients to it, or my practice for treatment.

And I dare anyone to say ‘It’s only IBS’ to an IBS patient who has been suffering for even a relatively short space of time with the IBS condition.

During those eight years, I re-mortgaged my family home – twice, to raise funds for the research and development of my project, later to become the IBS Audio Program 100.

I was ridiculed by many, some in the medical profession doubted my sincerity, leading me to walk out of several important meetings, important to me, and many IBS patients.  But the job had to be finished!

Five years researching and developing, and testing again.   Then three years patient piloting.  I was determined if I was going to put all this effort in, it had to be the very best I could achieve.

From 1991 through to 1998

when the IBS Audio program 100 was released, every free moment I worked on its development.  From concept to a click of a mouse, and to me it was worth it.

For several years after I answered email after email from IBS affected individuals who were unsure where to turn, if the IBS Audio Program 100 was for them, as they had tried many other things without help.   Put I persevered, and I am grateful for the many who had patience with me, as this quest consumed me.

Many friends fell by the wayside, many others came in to help, in fact most were after making a quick buck on the back of my work, I dropped them quickly, others wanted to contribute but when they saw the size of the challenge soon dropped away.

Creating a program from idea, to the click of a mouse, took a lot of time, money and effort. And yet it was worth it. Totally worth it.

Regrettably the three women who triggered my journey were never seen again, I do hope that somewhere in the intervening years they managed to find their own solution, or even better found my IBS program.

Little would they know that their visit to my practice all those years ago, would have set in motion a sequence of events that resulted in the development of a home use audio program used by hundreds of thousands of people in over 40 countries!   


For audio samples and more information about the IBS Audio Program 100 and other health improvement recordings click here.