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Free Session - Stress Audio Program 80 - Session 2

Free - Stress Audio Program 80 - Session 2

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Stress Management Audio Program 80

Session 2 - Learning to Be More

This very gentle, easy to listen to session is designed to encourage you to begin the process of taking part in your own healing. Learning and relearning to relax is the key to successfully managing stress.

Time taken here will help you to better understand the process and is paving the way for you to become much more aware of your ability to feel rested and relaxed, and to expect those feelings to be with you more and more often.

This is only one of 15 interlinked sessions.  The process of managing stress is of re-learning, over-writing negative thought patterns, and developing new positive expectations. The full program is an aid in this regard. 

We hope you enjoy this recording and find it useful. 


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