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Single - Anxiety Resource Library 1 - Taken from Anxiety Audio Program 120

Single - Anxiety Resource Library 1 - Taken from Anxiety Audio Program 120

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Resource Library 1

37:16 Approximate running time. 

Resource libraries are two tracks within the Anxiety Audio Program 120 which between them contain 19 descriptors or explanations helping the listener to understand why they feel the way they do.

Resource Library 1 contains 7 sub-tracks of explanation / consideration.  

When we are experiencing anxiety often in our lives, it drains us emotionally as well as physically.   Because of this we may sometimes have difficulty in 'joining the dots' of our thinking. 

Often worrying unduly, at others times just needing some gentle reminders of how our thinking can get blurred, and drain us even more.

This first resource library contains information, explanation and generally gives you an understanding of what is going on inside, why you feel the way you do, but without the medical and technical speak which so often is heard but means little.

This first resource library, is simply listened to as an audio recording, it is not hypnotherapy however it is an important part of the entire process because it explains to you,

  • Mind & body working together    Click here to listen to a clip of this track
  • Each moment an end and a new beginning
  • Physical response.
  • Balloon of Energy.
  • Your mind is doing well.
  • The doctor must have missed something
  • I Can’t!

We don’t believe in making things difficult to give ourselves some sense of (false) importance, we expect you will have heard all the medical and psycho speak already.

Michael Mahoney the author of the Anxiety Audio Program 120 believes the easier we can understand something, the more power and authority we can bring to resolving it.

None of this has to be difficult!

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