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hypnosis for relaxation - towards inner peace

hypnosis for relaxation - towards inner peace

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Towards Inner Peace

is a self hypnosis audio program created to aid the listener restore calm in their emotions, thoughts and feelings gently and easily.

is the first follow up program for users of the acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100 who after working through their IBS symptoms request that Michael make a further session to help them generally.

Since the towards inner peace program was developed (now only available on MP3 immediate download) Michael has developed problem specific programs for anxiety, stress, insomnia, Emotional Renewal and many others, each one being tried and tested before release.

Disaster recovery plan available on this product.

Towards inner peace is a multi session MP3 audio program with six sessions and a listening schedule to maximize listener benefit.

All too often as human beings we belief that things just happen and that we have to live with them. The reality is that we can make a difference to our circumstances, externally and internally.  Every thought creates a physical response, each moment an end and a new beginning.  Using hypnotherapy this program guides the listener on a gentle journey of inner peace.

Perhaps now is just the right time to begin to reclaim your inner peace.

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