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Offer - IBS Audio Program 100 - Introduction Session

Offer - IBS Audio Program 100 - Introduction Session

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IBS Commentary Introduction

Provides detailed information about hypnotherapy, the specific process being used for the audio treatments, and irritable bowel syndrome information.

Acknowledges the physical and psychological combination that characterizes IBS pathology, triggers, and symptoms.

Aims to treat both IBS and the problems in a person’s life that have resulted from IBS, including anxiety, social fears, depression, fatigue, worry.

Sets a stopping point for the emotional drain of IBS; effectively saying ‘this is as bad as it gets’ from this point on IBS symptoms will not progress, as the listener learns and works to improve their understanding and control of mind and body.

Subconscious begins new learning and positive changes are encouraged.

Emphasis on the safe, gentle, non-invasive aspects of IBS therapy and its record as a safe form of IBS treatment for many conditions for many years.

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