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IBS Training with Michael Mahoney - picture shos cogs, lighbulb spanner jigsaw puzzles representing thinking, working things out

On Line One-to-One IBS Tutorial day

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The Benefits and Uses of Hypnotherapy with IBS patients

With Michael Mahoney award winning hypnotherapist.

Online One-to-one tutorial days

For full details of this One-to-One IBS Training for Hypnotherapists - click here.



A full day of IBS-specific learning, structuring and delivering IBS sessions to IBS patients - with Michael Mahoney, Clinical Hypnotherapist,  multiple innovation and research award winner.

Spend time with one of the most experienced IBS practitioners to really understand the IBS condition and benefit from his thousands of hours working with IBS patients over 31 years.

When you do this One-to-One IBS Tutorial Day, you are putting in the time and effort, so you can show your clients how to put in the time and effort to help themselves to feel better, and live life more fully and all that entails for them.

And of course, you will be joining the ranks of those practitioners who personally generate high success rates, and not just quote the work of researchers.


The On Line One-to-One IBS Tutorial day was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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