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Disaster Recovery Plan - For MP3 Downloads

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Do you want Disaster Recovery cover for your Downloaded products?

Imagine your frustration, you've downloaded your audio program and are halfway through your schedule of listening, and...

  • your computer crashes, or
  • gets a virus or
  • your device is stolen,
  • dropped or
  • damaged with spilt coffee or
  • affected by a power surge or
  • any of the other many issues which could corrupt your device, and your programs.

We have heard them all over the years!

We can take away the hassle and frustration of getting your Healthy Audio Hypnosis programs back, they do not have to be lost through corruption, virus or any of the other unforeseen problems which are all real possibilities. 

Responding to requests from our customers who have had the bitter taste of what can happen when things go wrong, we have introduced our Disaster Recovery Plan for our downloaded programs

By purchasing your Healthy Audio Hypnosis programs, you have made an investment in yourself and your future.  You begin using your program, looking forward to contributing to your own healing and well-being and disaster strikes - your files are lost through corruption, virus or some unfathomable mystery of technology or the internet!

Then imagine the relief of knowing your Healthy Audio Hypnosis downloads can be resent to you easily and quickly without fuss or bother.  One less thing to worry about.

Our Disaster Recovery Plan for downloads does away with all concerns about any of the above or other situations which could corrupt your audio files from Healthy Audio Hypnosis.

 Downloads Protection 

  • For a single fee of £18.00 for 2 years of protection (renewable thereafter if you wish) we can resend your files to you for the program covered. There are however a few conditions that have to be met and understood they are:

  • This service covers your purchase for a period of 2 years.

  • We will send your files to the email address which you used to purchase your program. No other email address will qualify for this service.

  • A maximum of three (3) downloads per program per 2 years period is included.

  • Each downloaded program requires a separate Disaster Recovery Service agreement and payment. (£18.00 for 2 years).

  • Once purchased, it will run for 2 years, and you have peace of mind!

  • You have the option to renew after 2 years, even if you need the files re-sending to you - accidents, technology crashes and thefts happen!


    The Disaster Recovery Plan - For MP3 Downloads is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

    Inventory Last Updated: Feb 02, 2023