Celebrate 25 Years with us! Most hypnosis programs only £25

What a great 25 years we have had. Now we are celebrating our silver anniversary with a special offer of hypnosis programs for only £25

Celebrate with us -

As we celebrate 25 years in service.

All the most popular programs are only £25.00

 We are delighted to announce that we have been providing hypnotherapy-based health programs for 25 years.  It all started with our highly acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100, now used in over 45 countries. 

Yellow announcement of IBS Audio Program 100 on sale for £25.00

And we continued to research and develop audio programs ever since. 

We have programs for GAD Anxiety, Stress, Confidence and Self-Esteem, Emotional Recovery After Breast Cancer, Osteoarthritis, Burnout, and others

We have a couple of new programs in the pipeline, too, it has been a busy 25 years. And we aim to keep going too.  


So, take a look at our site, and get your hypnosis programs for only £25.00 while they are on offer. 


As you might expect, this amazing price is not going to last forever. 

Yellow banner black writing celebrating hypnosis programs only £25

Act now, take advantage of this special celebration price - because we won't offer it again. 

Twenty-five years in service! In our industry, it’s a milestone most others are chasing. We started by working with IBS sufferers, who came to Michael Mahoney’s practice back in 1991. 

He was so touched by the hurt and distress of what he saw IBS was doing to the lives of the patients who came to him that he promised he would do something to help. 

That started a journey of research and development and private patient piloting before the IBS protocol, now called the IBS Audio Program 100, was released. 

The same methodical approach went into our other programs, we had learned a lot, and we optimised our protocol for other conditions of mind and body, and that as they say, is a long story short. 

We started our company with you in mind. We worked hard to develop other options of choice, and they are here now, waiting for when they are needed. 

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