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Our health focused audio programs were developed to help people live better lives.

Several of our programs have won Innovation and Research

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We research and develop all our programs - all original works - from an award winning clinical hypnotherapist.

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Our first program was released in 1998, and now our health programs are used in 48 countries, we are here for the long haul - even if you don't need us now, one day you might!  We'll be here, waiting!

It all started with our IBS Audio Program 100, when development began in 1991 and the program was brought to market in 1998 - how's that for commitment!


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From there, we invested: in time, people and new products which led to the suite of health specific audio programs which exist today - all with structured and interlinked sessions.   We have others in the pipeline too!

What can we do for you today?

All program named conditions are not just physical or emotional, they all present with both. 

The mind/body connection cannot be separated because every thought we have, has a physical effect on our body.  It's called being human!  

Serving since 1998

We have been helping individuals with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) since 1998, and to date our IBS Audio Program 100 for adults is/has been used in 48 countries. 

But we didn't stop at the IBS program for adults, we invested in developing an IBS Audio Program for Children - an award winning program. 

In fact we weren't content to leave it at that either, we researched and invested in new products and technology, all of which are specifically developed to help you to live a fuller, healthier life.   All are sensibly priced, and sometimes we have sales too!

Take a look at our collections and products, see the structure and depth of time, effort and resource which are included in each program. 

The Healthy Audio Team