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Hypnotherapy in Stokesley North Yorkshire.

Hypnotherapy in Stokesley North Yorkshire

Michael Mahoney has used hypnotherapy to help his clients and referred patients with a wide range of problems of mind and body since 1986.

He was a medical centre based clinical hypnotherapist in Warrington, Cheshire, England for over 25 years until 2017 he married Cathryn and they now live in Stokesley North Yorkshire.

With 34 years in practice experience he is well placed to help with many conditions.  He has won several innovation and research awards for his work in IBS, and emotional recovery after breast cancer. 

Michael specializes in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for which his work is internationally acclaimed. He also specializes in Anxiety, and Emotional Recovery.

Michael Mahoney at Buckingham Palace

Of course he also works with the more everyday issues; weight management, smoking, phobia, stress, confidence, chronic pain, birth preparation, fertility and many other conditions as wide and diverse as we are individual.

He also works with the less common presentations; phantom limb pain, end of  life, and provides counselling where needed.  

For Organisations he has experience in occupational health and outplacement services, and presenting stress awareness to employees. 

Since moving to North Yorkshire, he took time to do some long wanted travelling, now in 2020 he is providing Skype / Zoom sessions until new premises are secured. 

If you are not sure if he can help, then ask. It might be the first time you have spoken about things, but it's most unlikely it won't be the first time he has heard what you have to say!

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