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From the author of the acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100
The home use hypnotherapy based IBS treatment option – used in over 45 countries.
One Day IBS Master Class for Hypnotherapists in Practice
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Irritable Bowel Syndrome impact quality of life, not only for the IBS sufferer but for loved ones too. It impacts social life, sex life, work / college / school life, it can lead to serious emotional disorders.  It is not only a condition of the body.  

The day will consist of:

1) Explanation of all IBS variations

2) How to mitigate and / or remove symptoms completely, of this troublesome complaint, which affects up to one in five of the population at some times in their lives!

3) Step by step structured approach which has proven to work for over 25 years!

4) and much more …

 This Masterclass will cover:

Patient Counselling / Information gathering,

IBS Variations Recognition,



Understanding Medical Terms,

Structuring & Planning sessions,

Monitoring Responses & Feedback,


Managing Secondary Gain Issues,

Replying to Referring GPs & Consultants and much more ...

The incidence and prevalence of IBS is growing...  

It has been for years. The reasons why IBS develops remains unclear. What is beyond doubt is that hypnotherapy, delivered professionally and with knowledge, is proven to mitigate the physical and the emotional symptoms of IBS.  Research studies acknowledge it, and have done so for more than 25 years.  The NICE guidelines in the UK recognise the effectiveness of hypnosis with IBS patients, as does the international Rome Criteria guidelines.

As a qualified hypnotherapist, developing a deep understanding of IBS can set you above the rest. It can generate an increased revenue stream for your practice, specialising in this area can be both positive for you, your patients, your practice and your interaction with the medical profession.

This IBS Masterclass is being run in the North East of England.  It has been run since 2000 in the North West of England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland and USA.  This masterclass is self-funding, just one extra client more than pays for this training.

The day will be presented by Michael Mahoney, multiple innovation and research award winning medical centre based clinical hypnotherapist. This is the longest running IBS masterclass in the country and probably the fullest too. 

For a video link of an overview of this Masterclass click here.