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Insomnia Audio Program - Free Session 2

Free - Insomnia Audio Program - Session 2

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Track 2

Firstly, it is important to note that this program is structured and takes the Insomnia problem apart bit by bit, and redefines the listeners understanding of the process and builds on developing new expectations and understandings which become an aid towards restful sleep. 

While we offer this session as a sample, please remember it is only one part of many, which this program delivers. 

This track is an explanation of the mind body connection. Did you know every thought produces a physical response? It is important that the listener becomes aware of this vital connection, a connection which is inseparable and one which touches mind, body, emotion, expectations, emotional energy and much more.

Michael explains this complicated process in a simple informative way, to help the listener understand what may be happening inside, and by knowing and understanding, the listener is empowered and can apply this understanding all the way though this recording, and beyond.