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emotional renewal hypnosis audio program

hypnosis program for emotional renewal MP3 download

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Packed with relaxation and imagery this program provides an aid towards emotional balance, healing and wellness. There should be no compromise on your emotional health, just as there would be none on your physical health.

This program is available on MP3 Download only (which can be copied to your mobile device if you prefer from your desktop computer)

Comprising of:

  • containing 11 tracks, and,
  • a structured listening schedule.
  • Approx total play 230 minutes.

Sound Clips        Session 1                Session 6             Session 10

Emotional Renewal by Michael Mahoney is an aid in emotional recovery, to help guide and support the listener in a gentle, caring and structured way.

Emotional Renewal the way forward …

If your emotional energies have been depleted through circumstances beyond your control, or you are unsure how to replenish your emotional energy, our Emotional Renewal 110 audio program may help you to understand your thoughts and feelings, helping you to take control once again and to move on in a positive and meaningful way.

More than simple relaxation, this carefully structured audio program includes, eleven structured audio tracks and over 230 minutes of guidance through suggestions, gentle guided imagery and positive affirmations.  A suggested listening schedule is also included in the program.

If you feel you are ready to take the next step in your emotional recovery, this program may be just the thing you need to aid your recovery and build your own internal support system.

This important program is a major work and brings a range of coping methods, re-interpretations, and recognitions and much more to the listener, encouraging a release of negative thought patterns, and also rebuilding of inner Confidence and Self Esteem and a developing of new perspectives.

NOTE: AS with any self-help hypnosis program, if you have serious underlying emotional problems or conditions please refer to your medical professional before purchasing/using.