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Therapist Resource - Script - Chapter of Success

Therapist Resource - Script - Chapter of Success

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This script could be useful

for clients who the therapist has worked with for some time and the closing of the sessions is approaching. It may be useful for final sessions.  

Excerpt One

....not knowing what is on the next page of your book of life makes it all the more exciting,  and yet knowing that when difficulties arise, they will pass, you will endure and you will turn another page, and then another and then a new chapter, and many new pages and chapters are waiting for you in your book of life, the chapter of your life I have shared with you has been eventful, but together we came through, a team effort and a team victory.

Reflect on all that you have learned, how you have changed your thinking and feeling, notice how with hindsight the journey was structured and planned and worked through, and all that was down to you, I guided, you did the work, and you did it successfully, with an excellent outcome.

Excerpt Two

...free from any and all negative thoughts feeling or responses for they are left far away, if they exist at all, and if they do, you know that you can meet any and all challenges, you know you can embrace positivity and determination, confidence and well-being so easily now, no longer doubtful, no longer troubled, no longer burdened, no longer hesitant, but now embracing good positive thoughts and, with a growing surety that these feelings of success, calmness, confidence and well-being will be with you not only now, but in the days and weeks and months that pass, with each page you turn, with each chapter completed, with each and every book completed in your life series, you know and expect to win, to be in control, to be resolute in any times of challenges, knowing that you have the strength and determination to succeed, you have a history of success, and that feels right and it feels good.