Single - Anxiety Resource Library 2 taken from Anxiety Audio Program 120


 Resource Library 2

is a compilation of tracks to aid your management and recovery while going through the Anxiety Audio Program 120.

11 Tracks - Size 30MB approx

Providing continuing encouragement, explanation and considerations to aid the learning and understanding processes.

Using suggestion, imagery and metaphor these recordings are also informational, designed for easy conscious listening. It is taken after the two familiarization sessions (explained below) contained in the Full program.

This resource library, prepares you for new learning, which will be mentioned during, and through the program.

The tracks in this Resource Library are:

  1. Now & then.
  2. Mind armies.
  3. Perceived setbacks.
  4. The light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. Releasing negatives.
  6. Orbits of thought.
  7. Unfamiliar is not wrong.
  8. Perfectly you.
  9. Take a day off.
  10. Perceptions (The old Wizard metaphor)
  11. Onion of emotion

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