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Stop Killing Your Back

Stop Killing Your Back

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Stop Killing your Back with the secret power of emotions

My name is Elena Adani and I am the creator of the Schiena Attiva® system and the author of this book. For more than 25 years, back pain was part of my life every single day even though I did not do any type of hard labor and I never had any accidents or suffered any injuries. For a long time, I never asked myself why

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my back hurt every day. I was convinced it was hereditary, since my father and grandparents always had joint pain. I was wrong. Lifestyle, posture, diet and many everyday situations, especially the quality of our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, play an important role in our health, more than you think. It is a fact that physiology, anatomy, and the particular shape of each of our spines is unique and different from any other individual on this planet. That said, anatomy and physiology are important and cannot be ignored. I firmly believe that emotions, conscious and unconscious thoughts, and a person’s attitude in different situations, are fundamental for his/her physical and mental well-being.

In my case, facing the emotions responsible for my backache and changing my beliefs was a life changing achievement that allowed me to cure my lower back pain, which had by then lasted excessively long.

Today, I am no longer forced to wear heating pads, or make “radical maneuvers” to get out of bed, or use healing ointments. I no longer struggle to tie my shoes or do anything else. I can do exercises that, when I was 30 years old, were impossible for me.


Life is too short to live without the Stop Killing Your Back. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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